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Summary: I met Pim a while ago in the street. After i shot her the first time, i have to admit that i kept her for myself for a while. She is as beautiful as when i first met her. She is a true Bangkok beauty, tall, fair skin, beautiful body with long legs, nice cock and a very cute face. Her skin is flawless and she will keep her braces for another year.She lives in the outskirt of bangkok now. She still studies at university. She is very sweet and has a cute personality. She is not very self-confident and I really think she has no idea how beautiful she is, so if you guys can post comments on what you think about her, i'm sure she will be extremely happy to read it.She's on hormones for several and she said there is no way that she can cum...but she actually did. She told me she didn't cum for more than 2 months.

Niches: Big Cock, Solo, Footlegs

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