Nancy Shoots Her Load! 15 min (LadyBoy XXX series)

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Summary: Nancy is a stunning 30 years old ladyboy who works around Silom in Bangkok. I met her online and she was supposed to introduce me to some friends of her who wanted to pose for me but when I saw her, I was completely wowed by her beauty and asked her to shoot her the next day.Nancy is a healthy and smart girl. She is unbelievably feminine and very passable. I think she has a nice voice too. She has a beautiful face, eyes, nose and mouth, nice hair and a great skin. Her boobs feels amazing, very soft, she's very sensitive from her nipples AND she has milk. She has a beautiful uncut cock, she loves to get sucked and she's very active and she gives oral. Her ass feels great too and she likes to bottom and top.She's really, really good in bed and she loves to lead and be very active which is contrasting with her calm and polite general attitude. She kisses, she smile, she talks, etc.She went back home and slept early the day prior to the shoot so she would feel good when she arrives. She likes to take care of herself and the one she loves.

Niches: Big Tits, Big Cock, Footlegs

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